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From Fear Mom to Fit Mom

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

November 2015, I was scrolling on Facebook, and I saw an old classmate working out with a trainer. In my head I was thinking she already looks good, I wonder why she even has a trainer. Also, in my head I was like maybe I need a trainer. After years of battling with my weight up and down, I decided to reach out to her to get some info. In December 2015, I decided to get a trainer and the rest is history.

Before getting a trainer, I was the Queen of get fit quick. I tried every tea you could imagine, Herbal Life, diet pills, waist trainer, etc. You name it most likely it has been a part of my life some how. It was definitely a quick fix....but a temporary fix too. (They fail to mention that part when they sell you products). I literally was fed up with the way my body looked. Yes, I am a mother of two, and I've never been the smallest person ever. But how long am I suppose to make excuses for my weight. I had a gym membership before, but I didn't know what I was doing when I went. Plus, I was afraid to go to the gym alone. So, I knew getting a trainer was the best decision for me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.....I just knew I was turning 30 and I WAS DETERMINED TO BE FINE!!!!

So, my goal was to be fine for 30. I'm not going to lie, I know I should have had lifestyle change more in mind (I have high blood pressure) but honestly I was more concerned about my birthday. I was planning this trip with my friends, I was single, I wanted to be a hot mommy. But I honestly feared working out. What if I am weak, what if I can't do anything, what if I pass out, what if I look stupid? There were a whole lot of WHAT IF I CAN'T versus WHAT IF I CAN. I had to think to myself why am I so afraid to better myself. I remember my trainer having a class and I asked all my friends would they go with me, and for some reason nobody could go. I was devastated. I couldn't go to a class alone, I was afraid. I went to that class by myself and got the best workout ever. As time went on, I started to fall more in love with fitness and my health. The knowledge I was getting from my trainer had me intrigued. My trainer was challenging my body with each workout and I loved it. April came and I made this huge transformation. I was shocked myself by the results. At 30, I was that hot mommy I wanted to be. So, what's next........

I came back from my trip, excited about all the positive feedback, and wondering what more can I do to my body. So, now I fear can I keep this body up, will I continue to look better, what if I get fat again. I sure did fear a lot! However, I stuck with getting fit because it made me feel better completely. I had people who thought I would give up my fit life eventually, but it became my life. It wasn't a fad for me, but a lifestyle. I didn't just love the woman I saw in the mirror, but I loved the boost of energy I had. I loved that I was enjoying putting healthy foods in my body. I loved taking care of ME! Fitness was my outlet. Two years later, I am a FIT MOM. Yep, I said it! I earned that title. But, I think back to what if I never started my journey because nobody else was ready for what I wanted. What if I allowed all the fear and doubt I had stop me from achieving my goal. That title would be nonexistent and this blog would have no meaning. DO NOT LET FEAR STOP YOU FROM BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!! Mommy T is now a Fit Mom.

For the longest I felt that I needed someone to join me on my journey. One thing I learned during this whole process is some of your greatest journeys start with you doing them alone. If you want to start your fit journey, you don't have to wait until a friend joins you. If you want to start that business, you don't need someone to validate your idea. You want to take that trip, you go ahead and explore the world alone. (Just be careful...but you get my drift). It is okay to better yourself ALONE. I am pretty sure nobody took me seriously when I said I wanted to get fit. Like most things, I never stuck with doing anything. But this one thing..... FITNESS I stuck to it, and I am sticking to it. I have tackled many obstacles along the way, but I am so happy with all that has happened and what is to come. It took me sticking to fitness and truly giving it my all for others to see how much it meant to my life. I am at my best physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Working out was for you find something that is beneficial for you, and enjoy doing it alone. If you want to start your fit journey or learn more about health and wellness and you are in the right program.

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