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The First Melanated Birth and Yoga Event

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Miajenell Peake, Doula and founder of Peake Wellness, organized an amazing event for women of color to learn more about birth support in Memphis and surrounding areas. Conway Care Packages was honored to be a sponsor for this event by donating care packages for the mommies to be.

The goal of this event was to discuss ways to improve birth experiences while learning mindfulness through yoga. The guest speakers touched on topics such as the benefits of midwifery prenatal care, healing practices with yoga, preconception health, the benefits of hiring a doula, lactation support and more. The event offered free food and childcare for mothers seeking care. This event created an opportunity for all mothers to attend by considering barriers that may stand in the way. This was a great opportunity for women of color to relax and learn more about their bodies and their journey to motherhood.

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